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Chuck Yeager

Chuck Yeager, 1940s

"I never let myself be afraid. I just focus on the dials and concentrate on flying"
- Chuck Yeager (as quoted by Travis Mayweather) (ENT: "Demons")

Charles "Chuck" Yeager was a famous American fighter pilot in World War II on Earth. After the war, Yeager served as a test pilot, and in the Bell X-1 plane, he made the first level Human supersonic flight.

Footage of Yeager and his plane, the Glamorous Glennis, were featured in the opening credits for Star Trek: Enterprise. According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 571), Yeager became the first Human to fly faster than the speed of sound on October 14, 1947.

Enterprise NX-01 Ensign Travis Mayweather once remarked he overcame his fear of tense piloting by mimicking Charles Yeager. (ENT: "Demons")

In 2368, USS Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi La Forge remarked that the impending test of the soliton wave was like "being there to watch Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier." (TNG: "New Ground")

A flight maneuver known as the Yeager loop was named in Yeager's honor. (TNG: "The First Duty") Two 24th century Federation starships, both called USS Yeager, were presumably named in his honor. (Star Trek: First Contact; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

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