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Multiple realities
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Chronokinetic surge

Voyager is struck by a chronokinetic surge

A chronokinetic surge is a powerful energy discharge capable of shattering the spacetime continuum.

In 2377, the USS Voyager was struck by a chronokinetic surge, produced by a massive spatial rift. The surge interacted with the warp core, fracturing the ship into thirty-seven different time periods. Commander Chakotay, who was working near the core at the time of the surge, was thrown into a state of temporal flux, different parts of his body existing in different temporal states. The Doctor was able to save Chakotay with a chroniton-infused serum, which Chakotay, working with Captain Janeway's counterpart from 2371, was able to distribute throughout the ship via the bio-neural circuitry. The serum subsequently transmitted a chroniton field generated by the warp core, bringing Voyager back into temporal synch to a time period mere moments before the surge struck the ship. With only seconds, Chakotay rerouted power to the main deflector and reset its polarity, using it as a lightning rod to absorb the surge, averting the accident. (VOY: "Shattered")

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