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"Chosen Realm"
ENT, Episode 3x12
Production number: 064
First aired: 14 January 2004
63rd of 97 produced in ENT
63rd of 97 released in ENT
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692nd of 728 released in all
Written By
Manny Coto

Directed By
Roxann Dawson
Unknown (2153)
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Enterprise is hijacked by a group of religious extremists who worship the mysterious spheres in the Expanse.

Summary Edit

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In November of 2153, Enterprise NX-01 comes to the aid of a Triannon vessel that has been disabled by spatial anomalies in the vicinity of a Delphic Expanse sphere. The Triannon are a group of religious pilgrims led by Pri'Nam D'Jamat that venerate the spheres and their "Makers". They believe that the Delphic Expanse is the "Chosen Realm" of the "Makers", and that the anomalies ("the Makers' Breath") are reshaping it into a paradise for the faithful.

D'Jamat seizes control of the starship through organic explosives implanted in the bodies of all of his followers. His plan is to take Enterprise back to Triannon and end a religious war that has consumed his people for a century by using the firepower of Enterprise to destroy their enemies, the "heretics". D'Jamat also wiped out the ship's database deleting 19.3 XB of information on the spheres and demands they select a crewmember to die for the act of desecrating them. Captain Archer chooses himself; impressed by this sacrifice, D'Jamat grants his request for the quick, painless death offered by the use of a special disintegration device, and the Triannon are tricked into thinking Archer was killed, when in reality he was simply transported to another part of the ship.

Triannon surface

The devastated surface of the planet Triannon

Beamed into the starboard catwalk, Archer begins fighting back against the Triannon; he assists Phlox in developing an airborne agent to nullify the organic explosives. Archer and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed free the MACOs and take back the ship, partially with the help of the Triannon couple Indava and Yarrick who no longer believe what D'Jamat preaches. Before Archer can seize the ship, however, D'Jamat destroys two of the four ships in a convoy of the enemy sect.

Archer and T'Pol return D'Jamat and several others to Triannon, where Archer reveals that the war is already over. They stand looking out over the charred remains of a city. Archer explained that the conflict decimated their planet eight months before. There were millions of deaths on both sides and no major cities left. Archer notes that D'Jamat thought his faith was going to bring peace through violence, but in reality that mindset resulted in a different kind of peace: the mutual destruction of both sides.

Memorable quotes Edit

"You wanted to kill someone? Kill me."

- Archer, to D'Jamat

"My people have certain...customs regarding death. There's a device on board - we use it to dispose hazardous materials...but, on rare occasions, when the situation arises, we've also used it for executions...It's considered humane."

- Archer, tricking D'Jamat into "executing" him by transporter

"What's wrong?"
"We've just begun this mission, and already, three people are dead."
"And that bothers you..."
"Shouldn't it?!...These people are not our enemy!"
"They are non-believers...that makes them our enemy!"

- D'Jamat and Yarrick

"When you question me, you question the Makers...and there's a word for that: heresy...When you begin to sympathize with the enemy, you risk becoming the enemy."

- D'Jamat, to Yarrick

"These people you're fighting... what makes them heretics?"
"We believe the Makers created the Chosen Realm in nine days. They believe it took ten."
"For that, you've been at war for over a century?!"

- Archer and Yarrick

"There'll be an extra helping of snow beetles for you tonight, young lady."

- Phlox, to his pet Pyrithian bat, after the animal distracts the Triannon guard long enough for the doctor to sedate him

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Story Edit

  • Episode writer Manny Coto explained the story; "It's a very rigid theology and Enterprise has broken several taboos and must pay for it. The episode dramatises where the intractability of religious extremism ultimately leads. Fundamentalists of all stripes – it's a rigid belief that's not based on empirical evidence, that's what I'm attacking." [4]
  • This episode was formerly known as "Untitled Sphere Story".

Production Edit

Shooting Chosen Realm

Taking a break from shooting this episode, Marvin V. Rush and Roxann Dawson discuss the installment

  • Filming for this episode ran simultaneously with the previous one, "Carpenter Street", for two days. The interior sets of the Triannon vessels were the only newly constructed sets for this episode. [5]

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