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Chorgan was an Acamarian Gatherer, a member of the Lornak clan, and the commander of an Acamarian starship.

Chorgan met with Sovereign Marouk in 2366 as part of her efforts to re-integrate the Gatherers into Acamarian society after hundreds of years of clan warfare and social disruption. Though all the other clans of Acamar III had made peace and joined the united Acamarian society, the Gatherers remained the lone hold outs.

With Brull as interlocutor, Chorgan and Marouk successfully negotiated an accord, but not before Marouk's servant, Yuta, attempted to kill Chorgan because of ancient clan rivalries. After being saved by Commander Riker, he stated that he was in Riker's debt. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor")

Chorgan was played by actor Stephen Lee.

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