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The Cheyenne class was a type of starship in service with Starfleet during the late 24th century.

These vessels were among the few Federation starships that had more than two nacelles – others include the Prometheus-class and Constellation-class starships.

Ships of the class Edit



Studio model Edit

Cheyenne class studio model

USS Ahwahnee studio model

The Cheyenne-class studio model was a "kitbash" design study and filming model designed by Ed Miarecki and Michael Okuda and built by Miarecki for the graveyard scene in "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II." [1] It used parts from the smaller scale AMT/Ertl USS Enterprise-D model kit saucer section, a bridge module from the larger Enterprise kit, and commercially-available highlighter markers for warp nacelles. Okuda commented,"I think the fourth was the Cheyenne-class U.S.S. Ahwahnee. (Again, without my notes, I'm not entirely sure). This was a scaled-down Galaxy saucer with four nacelles, arranged in a manner similar to the Constellation. Ed made the nacelles from marker pens. (...) There aren't many more photos of the final versions of the Miarecki study models. The Cheyenne-class ship on the Collectable Card Game (and other card sets) was, almost certainly, a photo that I took. It was probably part of the photos that I took for that slideshow." [2]

Okuda is referring to the slideshows on the various BoBW models shown at conventions in 1991.

Apocrypha Edit

  • The Cheyenne-class is a playable ship in Star Trek Online, categorized as a Commander-level heavy cruiser. It also features two variants, the Dakota-class and the Stargazer-class, the latter of which is named for the USS Stargazer. [3]

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