Chardis was the Mislenite pilot of a small freighter.

His starship inadvertently entered the space controlled by the Swarm species in 2373 and was suddenly attacked. USS Voyager transported him off his freighter to sickbay. He explained to Captain Kathryn Janeway that his ship was attacked by hundreds of ships that attached to the hull of his ship and drained its energy. Chardis said that his ship did not provoke them and that they were attacked because the ship was in Swarm space. He said that his crew died excruciating deaths.

He gave Janeway the location of his planet and asked her to warn his people to stay out of the Swarm's space. Chardis later died aboard Voyager from his injuries. (VOY: "The Swarm")

Chardis was played by actor Steve Houska.
The character's name was from the credits.

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