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Klingon Chancellor, The Expanse

A Klingon Chancellor of the 2150s, a century after the Empire had done away with its Emperor, who would have been his sole superior

Chancellor was a title used by some nation-states on Earth and elsewhere instead of the more common "Prime Minister" to mean the official Head of government. Some planetary governments were also headed by Chancellors.

Planetary governments lead by Chancellors included:

The Kyrian people of the Delta Quadrant had a position known as a Surgical Chancellor. The Doctor's backup program held this position for a time in the 31st century. (VOY: "Living Witness")

The 2260s planetary government of Ekos also seemed to have been run by a Chancellor prior to John Gill's combining this office and that of President into the dangerously centralized "Führer". Gill's headquarters, even after the installation of his Party's SS science labs and holding cells, were still referred to as the Ekosian Chancellery. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")

Background information Edit

Gill's model, Adolf Hitler's Nazi state, was effected by a 1934 referendum as to whether Chancellor Hitler himself might take over the role of the recently deceased President, concurrently with his own governmental duties. Ninety percent of the voting public approved of the move.

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