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Chalan Aroya was a Bajoran woman who owned the Celestial Cafe on Deep Space 9 in 2372.

In that year she visited Garak's Clothiers to obtain a new dress. Elim Garak, hoping to set her up with Odo, called the security officer to his shop.

Several days later, after Odo had been transformed into a humanoid by the Founders, Chalan visited him in Garak's again, to tell him how sorry she was. (DS9: "Broken Link")

Aroya speaks with Odo

Chalan Aroya expresses her condolences to Odo regarding his transition to 'Solid'.

Chalan Aroya was played by Jill Jacobson.
In the first draft script of "Broken Link", this character's name was "Adelfi". The script (both the first draft and the final draft) described her as "an attractive Bajoran woman in her late thirties [....] She's wearing a sexy alluring dress, but there's nothing obvious or overstated about her like a dabo girl. She's a restauranteur, accessible but classy." Additionally, the final draft script gave the pronunciation of her name as "chuh-LAN uh-ROY-uh". [1]

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