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List of holograms featured in the boxing holoprogram Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta created by Chakotay. (VOY: "The Fight")

Named Edit


Chakotay's training program

Boothby in Chakotay's corner

A hologram of Boothby was a part of Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta. In the program, Boothby was Chakotay's trainer. (VOY: "The Fight")

Boothby was played Ray Walston.

Unnamed Edit

Alien boxing trainerEdit

Alien boxing trainer, The Fight

Alien boxing trainer

An Alien boxing trainer part of the holodeck boxing program created by Chakotay. He trained Chakotay's opponent. (VOY: "The Fight")

The Alien boxing trainer was played by Michael Muñoz.

Terrellian boxerEdit

Terrellian boxer

Terrellian boxer

A Terrellian boxer appeared as Chakotay's opponent in the holoprogram, Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta.(VOY: "The Fight")

The Terrellian boxer was played by Carlos Palomino.

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