Central Protectorate

A satellite image of the Central Protectorate.

The Central Protectorate was one of 26 nation-states on Kelemane's planet during and after the pre-spaceflight industrial era.

In 2376, USS Voyager became trapped in orbit of Kelemane's planet. Because of a time displacement, approximately one day on the planet passed for every one second that Voyager observed while in orbit. During this time Voyager was able to watch the development of civilization on the planet.

Because his holomatrix would not be affected by the time differential, The Doctor was transported down to the Central Protectorate to investigate the culture. Transmissions picked up by Voyager showed the society there to be relatively open-minded and diverse. A transporter malfunction caused The Doctor to remain on the planet for a little over three years, during the ~20 minutes it took the crew to fix the malfunction. During this time The Doctor lived in a building owned by Darek, was part of a family with Mareeza and Jason Tebreeze, and became a fan of the Kelemane's planet sport team Mountain.

The cultural center of the Central Protectorate was an area along the eastern lake. In this area were many opera houses and concert halls.

The Central Protectorate was a military power. When a short war broke out with a neighboring state, the Tactical Air Command was ordered to respond.

The Orbital 1 mission was launched from the Central Protectorate, that was ultimately successful in contacting Voyager. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")