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A cent (¢) was a currency unit in the United States of America. It was based on the United States dollar, where one hundred cents equaled one dollar. The Incredible Tales magazine told for thirty-five cents.

In 2004, the Fiesta Salad from the fast food restaurant Burgerland could have three strips of bacon added to it for seventy-five cents, as well as the "Triple Superbeef" or a regular hamburger could have another burger added on top of it for only forty cents. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

In Benjamin Sisko's vision of 1950s Earth, writers for Incredible Tales were paid by the word for their articles. When Julius Eaton heard that Herbert Rossoff received four cents per word, he was outraged. Rossoff countered by claiming Eaton was lucky to get two cents per word.

When Incredible Tales published Benny Russell's futuristic tale about Deep Space 9, he would have gotten three cents per word. However, the publisher canceled the issue and fired Benny because the main character of the story was a Negro. (DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars")

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