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Cellular entertainment

Doctor Giger and his Cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber

"The cells just say, 'that's it', and you, the unwary victim of cellular ennui, are quite literally bored to death."

Cellular ennui was a biological phenomenon believed to be responsible for death by some. Championed by scientists such as Dr. Bathkin of Andros III and Dr. Elias Giger, as of the late 24th century it was considered laughable by the scientific establishment.

Doctor Elias Giger believed that the cells in one's body did the "same dull monotonous routine" from the day a person was conceived, repeatedly metabolizing and dividing until they became bored and simply gave up.

Doctor Bathkin of Andros III believed that the cells needed to be energized, kept in the game by teaching them new Mitochondrial tricks. Doctor Bathkin died in a shuttle accident before he could finish his work, but Giger followed up on his work and spent fifteen years developing the Cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber. During this time, his work was hampered by non-believers that he described as being "soulless minions of orthodoxy".

In 2373, Dr. Geiger was conducting his work on Deep Space 9, where he met Weyoun in a chance encounter. Weyoun was very interested to hear Geiger's theories. (DS9: "In the Cards")

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