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Cecilia Hall is a former sound effects editor and current post production sound executive and consultant at Paramount Pictures. She was Paramount's Senior Vice-President of Post Production Sound at Paramount Pictures, a position she held between 1978 and 1992. During this time, she was a sound editor on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and a Supervising Sound Editor (with George Watters II) on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Hall's first sound editing project for Paramount was the 1979 science fiction film Prophecy, starring Robert Foxworth. This was followed immediately by Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She went on to supervise the sound effects editing for such Paramount films as Airplane II: The Sequel (1982, starring William Shatner), Flashdance (1983, starring Michael Nouri), Terms of Endearment (1983, featuring art direction by Harold Michelson), Beverly Hills Cop (1984, starring Eddie Murphy and featuring Jonathan Banks, Steven Berkoff, and Ronny Cox), and Witness (1985), and Beverly Hills Cop II (1987, again starring Murphy and Cox, along with Dean Stockwell).

In 1984, Hall became the first woman to be elected President of the Board of Governors of the Motion Picture Sound Editors. Two years later, she became the first woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Effects Editing, an honor she received for her work on the hit film Top Gun. She received her second Academy Award nominations – and her first win – for the 1990 submarine thriller, Hunt for the Red October (which featured Gates McFadden). Both honors were shared with fellow Supervising Sound Editor, George Watters II.

During her final years as Paramount's Senior VP of Post Production Sound, Hall was Supervising Sound Editor on films such as The Addams Family (starring Christopher Lloyd and Carel Struycken) and Patriot Games. She has since become a Senior Executive at Paramount, overseeing the post-production sound department for many of the studio's feature films. Some of the early films she oversaw were Addams Family Values and Clear and Present Danger (the sequels to The Addams Family and Patriot Games, respectively).

More recently, Hall has overseen post-production sound work on such films as The Hours, The Italian Job, Team America: World Police, Four Brothers, and Stardust. She has also assisted in the completion of films from Viacom's various other subsidiaries, including The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie for Nickelodeon Films, Hustle & Flow and Jackass 2 for MTV Films, and Babel for Paramount Vantage.

Hall has served on the Executive Sound Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for many years. In addition, she teaches Sound Design/Post Production as a professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Theatre.

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