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A cave-rat

The cave-rat was a vole-like rodent native to the caverns of a former Hur'q outpost in the Gamma Quadrant.

When Kor, Worf and Jadzia Dax ventured into the quest to find the legendary Sword of Kahless in 2372, they successfully hunted for cave-rats on said planet. Kor later claimed that the cave-rat was all bones and that he needed another one. He also expanded the "tale" of how he and Worf had "slew the beast" which had attacked them out of the darkness. Worf later scourned at Kor, saying Kor was a drunk old man who exaggerated his accomplishments. (DS9: "The Sword of Kahless")

The Cardassian vole was re-used and slightly modified to represent the cave-rat.

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