Display graphics Edit

Well, whatever display graphics was supposed to be limmited to, this category seems to have evolved to include:

  • anything ever shown on a display, be it a graphic or something else entirely, with the exception of main viewscreen stuff
  • any kind of map, even Picard's holographic desk chart, added apparently for the sole reason that right now the place for maps seems to be here.
  • Even a few things on display, but not nescesarely graphics
  • any kind of background stuff with (near-) unreadable text on it
  • and most blatantly, any kind of signage, poster, graffitti, shop sign, or background graphic of any kind

Not that I don't like it fine that way, but the category might need to be renamed, redefined, perhaps even split up (maps would be a good subcategory imo, and I'dd be glad to volunteer if anyone has ideas). Anyway, while I seem to keep documenting every point I make with extensive notes; this is what I was actualy planing to say : I've been busy tagging a few dozen fitting but previously overlooked images with the category, and while most are actual display graphics, I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes by using what this category has become as a criterium rather then what it was apparently conceived to be. -- Capricorn 23:08, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

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