Category:Topography to include all rivers, lakes, mountains, caves, valleys, marshlands and such. --Alan del Beccio 05:53, 2 Sep 2005 (UTC)

  • Doesn't sound like a bad idea. How many articles would comprise it, though? How many of those things were actually important on Star Trek? Off the top of my head, I can't really think of many of those. I mean, maybe a few, but I'm not sure it's enough to justify a category. Maybe I'm just forgetting a lot. Who knows? -Platypus Man | Talk 06:15, 2 Sep 2005 (UTC)
    • Well I think we justified creating categories for various species that had 15-20 names to list. So far I can find 22 references to bodies of water, a handful of caves, the Rinax marshlands, the Valley of Chula, 8 references to specific mountains, plus several other ranges mentioned on various planet pages (ie Qo'noS, Vulcan (planet), etc.). In all close to 40 references, and thats just a quick scan for terms. I guess I could make a topography page, even as a temp page for a complete list...even if it is just for User:Morn to categorize off of. --Alan del Beccio 06:23, 2 Sep 2005 (UTC)
  • Support. --From Andoria with Love 06:26, 2 Sep 2005 (UTC)
  • Here is what I've come up with so far: topography. --Alan del Beccio 07:01, 2 Sep 2005 (UTC)

discussion Category:Geography Edit

The Category:Geography includes all geographical bodies and regions. However, geography is associated only with the Earth, for others planets the correct is planetography. Others categories has these problem: Geology (Earth) to planetology (others planets); biology (Earth) to exobiology (others planets)

Created new categories or maintained these errors? User:Organia3313

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