Category:Ambassadors based on Ambassadors.--Tim Thomason 06:53, 19 Oct 2005 (UTC)

  • Support --Alan del Beccio 07:04, 19 Oct 2005 (UTC)
    • Would this also apply to individuals who served in a diplomatic capacity (such as an aide or consulate) but were not necessarily ambassadors (i.e. T'Pol, Tos, Sakkath, Naarg etc.) Perhaps give the category a broader-sounding name that allows for people like this. --T smitts 04:29, 20 Oct 2005 (UTC)
      • I think, at least currently, that we should only include those referred directly as ambassadors (of which there are 48 by my count). Perhaps, at some point we could make a diplomat category, which would include others noted for there diplomacy such as Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, and Rudolph Ransom, although I'm unsure how to do that now. As it stands now, Ambassadors are more well-defined, as they are mentioned as "ambassadors" in every appearance.--Tim Thomason 04:54, 20 Oct 2005 (UTC)
        • I think Ambassadors, by title, only -- perhaps including Neelix, since he was unoffically given that title. Picard was an ambassador by title per "All Good Things...", but riker or ransom was never never given that title. --Alan del Beccio 05:27, 20 Oct 2005 (UTC)
          • Support, but it should be for ambassadors only. Neelix is okay, but Picard was only an ambassador in an alternate timeline. Would that count? --From Andoria with Love 05:08, 4 Nov 2005 (UTC)
            • Comment: That's what I meant, I was just trying to explain to T the difference between diplomat and ambassador. I usually don't count alternate timelines when categorizing, but I don't mind if Picard is categorized as an ambassador or not.--Tim Thomason 07:29, 4 Nov 2005 (UTC)