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This category contains articles related to the release of Star Trek on various video formats.

Note to MA editors: It has been observed that home media formats have different run times for releases that are produced for those regions employing the NTSC television format, and those that employ the PAL/SECAM television formats. This is related to the different frame rate in which the source production is transferred onto its respective format, and translates itself in practice to an approximately 4% shorter run time of the PAL/SECAM formats, especially the VHS, Betamax, LaserDisc, DVD, and early generations of Blu-ray formats, and might lead uninitiated editors to erroneously conclude that scenes are omitted or curtailed, which is not the case. When referring to a specific time-frame in a production, MA editors are advised to indicate whether it concerns a NTSC production, or a PAL/SECAM production as a courtesy to other MA users. It appears that the phenomenon no longer applies for the newer generations of Blu-ray releases. For a more detailed treatise of the phenomenon, please refer to: PAL's 4% Speedup.


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