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Tells the story of Uhura's role in the 24th century and the link between Sisko, Crusher, and Tuvok.

Summary Edit

A lethal Romulan-trained agent turns against her spymasters in order to prevent them from unleashing a terrifying biological holocaust. Admiral Uhura of Starfleet Intelligence sends the young Romulan to investigate with a team of special operatives: Dr. Beverly Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation), a young Lieutenant Benjamin Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and the Vulcan Lieutenant Tuvok (Star Trek: Voyager).

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Memorable quotes Edit

"Don't worry, we won't report you to the Vulcan Perfectionists' Association."
"With all due respect, Dr. McCoy, were there such an entity, it need only be called the Vulcan Association, to avoid redundancy."

- McCoy and Selar

Background information Edit

  • This is the sixth and final numbered novel in The Lost Era series.
  • This book gives Cretak's first name as "Kimora", as opposed to the canon "Kimara".
  • It also reveals an affair between Cretak and Koval.
  • Cover design by John Vairo, Jr..

Characters Edit

Leonard McCoy
Beverly Crusher
Benjamin Sisko 
Kimara Cretak
Alidar Jarok

References Edit

Neutral zone; Okinawa, USS; San Francisco; Tal Shiar

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