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List of cast members who have directed Star Trek episodes.

Notes Edit

Andrew Robinson is the only recurring player to direct an episode.

Guest actors who directed episodes were Richard Compton (TNG: "Haven") and Larry Dobkin (TOS: "Charlie X"). Dobkin is the only regular or guest performer to direct an episode first before being cast as an actor.

None of the cast of Star Trek: Enterprise ever directed an episode or movie.

Peter Weller took the role of John Frederick Paxton based on Manny Coto's promise that Weller would be permitted to direct episodes in Enterprise's fifth seeason. The show's cancellation after the fourth season made it impossible for Coto to keep his promise. [1](X) [2]

Crew members who directed include David Livingston and Dan Curry. Livingston has directed more episodes than any other director.

Garrett Wang's repeated requests to be allowed to direct were turned down by Rick Berman. [3]

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