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Carter Winston (impostor)

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Carter Winston was the identity assumed by a Vendorian that lived on Vendor, who had cared for the injured Carter Winston until his death in 2265.

In 2269, this Vendorian began working for the Romulans, after having assumed the identity of Carter Winston. As part of the ruse, the impostor set Winston's trading vessel adrift, near the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it was eventually discovered by the USS Enterprise.

The Vendorian Winston, however, had retained so many memories of Winston that he was unable to complete his mission for the Romulans, having fallen back in love with Winston's former fiancée, Anne Nored, who was now serving on the USS Enterprise and whom he was now in danger of hurting. (TAS: "The Survivor")

The voice of the Vendorian-Winston was provided by Ted Knight.
Although this Vendorian is technically unnamed throughout the episode, in the conclusion of the novelized version of "The Survivor" (as published in Star Trek Log 2), the Vendorian actively assumes the name "Carter Winston," with Captain Kirk's approval.

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