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Carter Winston

Carter Winston was the foremost Human trader and philanthropist of the 23rd century. Winston had acquired a dozen fortunes only to use his wealth time and again to assist Federation colonies in times of need or disaster.

In 2259, the colony of Cerberus experienced a crop failure and the entire population was in jeopardy of starvation. Winston saved the people of Cerberus by using his personal fortune to bring in enough food and goods to carry the colony through the crisis.

Winston went missing in 2264, where, at the time, he was engaged to Starfleet officer Anne Nored. Winston's one-man ship was disabled in a meteor storm and crashed on the planet Vendor. Winston lived under the care of the Vendorians until 2265, when he eventually died.

The truth behind Winston's disappearance was not discovered until 2269, when Winston and his ship were discovered adrift near the Romulan Neutral Zone by the USS Enterprise. What was not known at the time, was that Winston was, in fact, a Vendorian shapeshifter, indeed the very one who had cared for the real Winston on Vendor, who was now working as a Romulan spy. (TAS: "The Survivor")

Carter Winston also makes a brief but significant appearance in the final chapters of the Star Trek TOS novel The Final Reflection, where he assists in the brokerage of a deal with the Klingon Empire for advanced warp technology.

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