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Carrie Urzua worked as a DGA Trainee on several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. She received no billing in the end credits of the episodes but is listed on the call sheets.

Urzua previously worked as electrician and second unit gaffer in the camera and electrical department on the short comedy Little Red Riding Hood (1997), the drama La Ciudad (1998), the independent film Things Fall (1999), the action film The Doorman (1999, which features Sylvain Cecile), the comedy The Woman Chaser (1999, with Eugene Roche and Joe Durrenberger), the horror sequel Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999, starring Paul Popowich), the comedy Robbers (2000), the horror film The Convent (2000), and the independent film A Man Is Mostly Water (2000).

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