The Carnelian minefield was a location populated by mines.

Sometime before stardate 41148, colonists sent a distress call which was received by two Federation starships. One of the ships was commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and the other ship was the assignment for Natasha Yar. During this rescue mission, Picard witnessed Yar risk her life to rescue a wounded colonist from the minefield. Picard was so impressed with Yar's bravery that he made a request for her to be assigned to his next command, the USS Enterprise-D. The captain of Yar's ship owed Picard a favor, so the request was granted.

A few years later, when responding to a charge of cowardice leveled against her sister by Ishara Yar, Picard recounted what happened at this minefield to prove that Natasha was not a coward. (TNG: "Legacy")

TNG: "All Good Things..." shows that Yar was a part of the ship's crew at the time of its launch and that Farpoint Station was the ship's first mission. This means Picard was probably commanding another vessel at the time of this incident.

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