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Cardassian uniforms are the uniforms worn by personnel of the Cardassian Central Command and other Cardassian organizations.

Standard uniform

Type A


Legate Parn in uniform, 2370.

The Legates of the Central Command, the highest ranks within the organization, could opt to wear a more decorated variant of the standard uniform (see Type B below). While still very utilitarian, it featured accentuated silver white lining on the chest with a more elaborate division strip on the right side. Legates also wore the seal of the Cardassian Union on their left breast.

In DS9: "Life Support", Legate Turrel wore the standard uniform with an added Cardassian badge, instead of the more elaborate Legate uniform.

Type B

Dukat insurgency program

Cardassian uniform, showing wrist communicator.

The vast majority of Central Command personnel under the rank of Legate wore the same type of uniform. The uniform features a heavy, triangular chest armor piece, as well as padded armor on the lower arms and the outside of the legs. A holster for a disruptor pistol and a wrist communicator were standard elements of the uniform. A division strip on the right side of the chest displayed information on the affiliation of the individual.

The 'division strip' gets its name from the It's a Wrap! auction. It was attached to the chest piece with velcro, so the same uniform could be used to display different strips. The exact nature of what the strips represented is not known.

The earliest known example of this type of uniform has been in use since the 2340s. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Type C

Type C uniform
Trager personnel
Gul insignia, 2367 Glinn insignia, 2367

A heavily padded uniform was worn by Cardassians in the late 2360s, but this style was not seen often. This type of uniform featured padded armor all over the body, and included a lightweight helmet. These uniforms displayed several insignia that could indicate rank or division. They lacked the division strip found on the Type B uniforms.

The uniforms were seen in TNG: "The Wounded", the first appearance of the Cardassians. Gul Dolak in TNG: "Ensign Ro" also wore this type of uniform, but apparently without the rank devices seen in "The Wounded".

Other uniforms

Security uniform


Thrax, Chief of Security of Terok Nor, 2350s.

A black uniform with blue triangular accents was worn by security officers.

Both Thrax and Odo wore this uniform as security chiefs in the 2350s in DS9: "Things Past". It could conceivably be linked to the Obsidian Order.

Guard uniform

Cardassian guard, Tribunal

A guard at the trial of Miles O'Brien.

Security guards wore a less heavily built uniform than the military, lacking the chest armor. Instead, the guard uniform consisted of a grey jumpsuit with padded sections along the legs and torso. The uniform also included gauntlets that protect the lower arms and wrists.

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