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Cardassian literature included novels that reflect Cardassian values, such as family, duty and the glorification of the state. Examples of Cardassian literature included The Never Ending Sacrifice, an epic tale spanning seven generations of the history of a Cardassian family which displayed selfless obedience to Cardassia; Meditations on a Crimson Shadow, a novel by Preloc set in the future concerning a war between the Cardassian and Klingon Empires (DS9: "The Wire"); and the enigma tales of Shoggoth, a series of mysteries in which all of the suspects were guilty but the trick is in figuring out of what (demonstrating the presumed infallibility of the Cardassian justice system). (DS9: "Distant Voices")

Elim Garak was a great fan of Cardassian literature and tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to similarly interest Julian Bashir.

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