Cardassian war room

The Cardassian War Room

The Cardassian War Room was a military command center of the Cardassian military on Cardassia Prime. It was equipped with monitors and large viewscreens that tracked the Cardassian fleet, tactical and intelligence reports, and strategic information in real-time.

Gul Dukat brought Commander Benjamin Sisko to the War Room to hunt down the USS Defiant when it was stolen by Maquis operative Lieutenant Thomas Riker, who wanted to attack the Orias system due to rumours that a secret Cardassian fleet was being built there. (DS9: "Defiant")

The name "Cardassian War Room" comes from the episode's script where it is described as the Cardassian equivalent of NORAD.
The set was built on Paramount Stage 4 and the scenes were filmed between Monday 3 October 1994 and Wednesday 5 October 1994.

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