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Cardassia I

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Dominion withdrawal, Cardassian system, tactical display

Cardassia I (innermost planet) on Tactical Display 7624N

Cardassia I was the first planet in the Cardassian planetary system. This system was located in the Cardassian sector, which was a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant. The planet was larger than Cardassia II (Cardassia Prime), but smaller than Cardassia III. The planet was affiliated with the Cardassian Union. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, Cardassia I was a B class planet.
The Cardassian system's primary was named Cardassia. Cardassia was a K class star with a magnitude of -1, which was a hundred times brighter than Sol. (Pages 36 & 43)

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