For the automobile with the same name, please see Chevrolet Caprice.

Caprice was a female holographic character in The Adventures of Julian Bashir, Secret Agent, a holosuite program created by Felix.

After a fight with Falcon, in which Julian Bashir's nemesis was thrown through a large window, Caprice handed a bottle of 1945 Dom Pérignon to the secret agent. She also thanked Bashir for saving her and kissed him.

She was puzzled to see Elim Garak, standing nearby in a tuxedo, as the Cardassian was not a member of the holoprogram's characters. Caprice seemed dismayed when Bashir allowed Garak to stay and she soon left them alone to their discussion, much to Bashir's disappointment. (DS9: "Our Man Bashir")

Caprice was played by Melissa Young.
In the episode's script, Caprice is described as "a gorgeous woman... She's wearing a dress slit way too high on the side and a neckline that plunges way too low."