The Capellan language was the spoken language of the Capellans of Capella IV. (TOS: "Friday's Child")

Names Edit

Given names were made up to contain double vowels, with both vowels being pronounced when spoken. Examples include: Akaar, Deem, Duur, Eleen, Keel and Maab.

From the revised final draft, dated 11 May 1967: "(NOTE: Double vowels in Capellan names are both pronounced. Example: Maab – (Mah-Ahb) ; Akaar – (Aka-Ahr) ; Eleen – (Ely-Ehn), etc.)"
Furthermore, the script also noted that when Eleen says "McCoy": "She pronounces it "Mac-coy"."

Examples of spoken Capellan Edit


Exact meaning unknown. It was spoken by Duur out of the disappointment after discovering Kirk had refused to take the fruit from Duur's female relative, as a form of Capellan challenge for a chance at combat.


A deadly warrior's weapon.


Title held by the leader of the Ten Tribes; comparable to Chief.