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Alpha Carinae II

USS Enterprise orbiting Alpha Carinae II, the second planet in the system, in 2268

File:Star-chart alpha-beta quadrant.jpg
Canopus III dinosaur

A stunned Canopus III dinosaur

The Canopus system (or Alpha Carinae system) contained several planets that supported life. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "Wolf in the Fold"; TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder") The location of the Alpha Carinae system and Canopus III was depicted on a Federation star chart in 2293. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

This chart was seen again in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Conspiracy, set in 2364.
In the star chart, the planet Canopus III was depicted to be far away from Alpha Carinae, suggesting it was not located in this system, despite the name.

In 1996, the poet Tarbolde wrote the famous love sonnet "Nightingale Woman" on the Canopus Planet. (TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

In the script of "Where No Man Has Gone Before", the planet was referred to as "a Canopus planet", suggesting "Canopus" was the name of the alien race of which Tarbolde was a member of.
According to Star Trek: Starship Creator, Lieutenant Nara who was seen in TNG: "Eye of the Beholder", was from the Canopus Planet. Her species was not been named in the episode.

In 2267, on stardate 3046, USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu used Canopus as a reference point to plot the location of the Enterprise after it was flung five hundred parsecs by the Metrons. (TOS: "Arena")

The second planet, Alpha Carinae II, was scheduled to be explored by a scientific survey team in 2268. Geologist Carstairs of the Enterprise once served aboard a Merchant Marines freighter in this area. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer") Canopus III was known for its desert terrain, and was home to a type of large dinosaur.(TAS: "The Eye of the Beholder") Alpha Carinae V was home to the electromagnetic non-corporeal species, the Drella. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")


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