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Neeka, a Banean dog.

Alfa 177 canine

A canine native to Alfa 177.

Canines are mammalian quadrupeds known for being quite territorial. (ENT: "Doctor's Orders") On Tellar Prime, canines are considered to be something of a delicacy. (ENT: "Babel One")

The Tandaran and Banean people had animals resembling canines, which were kept as pets. (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights"; VOY: "Ex Post Facto") The Cardassians also have a species of hound used for riding, much like an Earth horse. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow") A dog-like animal is also native to Alfa 177. (TOS: "The Enemy Within")

The grint hound is a species of dog on Qo'noS. (DS9: "Time's Orphan") Commander Kruge kept a ferocious Klingon monster dog as a pet aboard his Bird-of-Prey. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) Another species of dog, the Jackal mastiff, was used by the Klingons as a guardian animal on the prison asteroid Rura Penthe. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Other types of canines

Sentient canine species

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