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Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and placed on a prison ship bound for the infamous penal colony of Canamar.

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The crew of Enterprise NX-01 finds Shuttlepod 1 without anyone on board. After a forensic analysis, Doctor Phlox discovers blood traces and that leads Lieutenant Malcolm Reed to conclude that the crew, Captain Jonathan Archer and Commander Trip Tucker, have been abducted.

After contacting the Enolian officials, an Enolian official informs Sub-Commander T'Pol that they were caught by Enolian guards and charged with smuggling contraband. They are now on a transport ship on its way to Canamar. As soon as T'Pol explains the situation, the Enolians agree to release Archer and Trip and they inform the transport crew.

On board the Transport Archer and Trip are shackled to benches and guards patrol the ship. If anyone gets up the guards will pull out their tricorder remotes and shock the inmates with extreme pain. During dinner Trip and another inmate named Zoumas pick a fight with a Nausicaan and both get shocked. Unfortunately for the two Enterprise crewmembers, two prisoners hijack the transport at the same moment they were to be set free. Archer then decides to play out his smuggler role and offers to pilot the transport. While taking the transport to a nearby binary system, he learns that Kuroda Lor-ehn, one of the hijackers, served seven years on Canamar and he had subdermal implants installed to depolarize triburnium alloy (that was how he broke from his constraints) before he left.

Soon, two Enolian patrol ships engage them and proceed to disable the transport. While refusing to step from "smuggler" to murderer, Archer is still able to get them away, disabling the two ships by igniting a plasma cloud released from the transport. Realizing Archer's resourcefulness, Koruda asks the captain to join him when they rendezvous with his friends. The former prisoner then tells a little more about himself. He was fourteen when he first went to prison. The first time he was innocent but he explains that Duronom's guards taught him more than his father ever could. When he was released, five years later, he put his new skills to "good" use and had a pretty interesting life since then (and is grateful for it).

When they arrive at their rendezvous point, he tells Archer to put the ship in a decaying orbit around a planet so it will look as if the transport has merely crashed trying to land with everyone aboard. When he informs Archer that he has no intention of bringing the rest of the prisoners with him, Archer decides it is time to take control of the transport.

He then gets Tucker freed in order to repair the docking hatch, which had been damaged in the previous attack. There, he informs his engineer of his plan. Though Tucker is able to take out Kuroda's Nausicaan partner, he fails to disable the Enolian because the latter was warned by Zoumas, another prisoner.

However, when they finally dock with Kuroda's "friends", there is a team from the Enterprise on board which emerges from the hatch and stuns Kuroda and his partner. Still in a decaying orbit, they proceed to transfer the prisoners and Enolian crew to the shuttle. Just as everyone is to be evacuated, Kuroda, who recovered quickly from his stun, and Archer have a fight, ending in Kuroda's refusal to go with them to avoid being taken back to Canamar – he tells them he would prefer to die.

Back on Enterprise the Enolian official apologizes to Archer, and insists on a report, but the captain is pretty acid in his remarks. He doesn't take the mistake very well, and, from his new-found understanding of the Enolian penal system, he says that he wonders "how many other don't belong there [on Canamar]".

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Memorable quotes Edit

"I'd stay quiet if I were you. The guards don't like questions."

- Kuroda Lor-ehn, to Archer after he receives a shock

"I wouldn't want to be accused of smuggling. They'll probably make an example of you."

- Zoumas, when Archer and Tucker explain what they are charged with

"You don't listen too well."
"Then why don't you save yourself the trouble and stop talking to me?"

- Nausicaan prisoner and Tucker

"You should be careful with the Nausicaans. Nasty tempers."
"Thanks for the advice."

- Zoumas and Tucker

"You ever fly a warp ship before? It's harder than you think."
"He's right."
"You hit the wrong control, you could overload the plasma manifolds or shut down the antimatter containment field. We'd all end up a cloud of ionized gas."
"You're a pilot?"
"A damn good one. I'm a smuggler, remember?"

- Archer, backed up by Tucker, offers his services to Kuroda

"Is this really necessary? I just saved your skin and you still don't trust me." (The Nausicaan prisoner continues replacing Tucker's restraints.) "Do you know how much power flows through those plasma circuits?"
"How much?"
"A lot. I could have been electrocuted. God, the least you could do is say 'thanks'."
(sardonically) "Thanks."
"That was nice. It reminds me of the time I was on..."
"Shut up."

-Tucker, Zoumas, and the Nausicaan prisoner

"We can't wait for Enterprise. We've got to try to take control. Think you can handle him?"
"Yeah, piece of cake."

- Archer and Tucker, referring to the Nausicaan prisoner

"Captain, my superiors will want a report on what happened..."
"I'll give you one right now. Kuroda's dead, the other eleven prisoners are under guard. As you're aware, my engineer and I were falsely arrested. We almost wound up in Canamar! Makes me wonder how many others don't belong there. You wanted a report? You've got one."

- An Enolian official speaks with Archer after he and Tucker are released from custody (last lines)

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