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Canada Post Corporation, commonly known in English as Canada Post, is a crown corporation and Canada's mail operator which was founded in 1867. Its first official predecessor was established in 1775 by the British government. It is based in Ottawa, the nation's capital.

Star Trek releases Edit

Canada Post Star Trek catalog

2016 stamps and collectibles catalog

In 2016, it was announced in Vulcan, Alberta that commemorative postage stamps would be released which would feature imagery from Star Trek, including Spock [1], Montgomery Scott [2], Leonard McCoy [3], James T. Kirk, and the USS Enterprise [4]. The Scotty stamp was announced in Toronto on 22 April 2016 with Christopher Doohan in attendance. [5] [6]

Following a "takeover" of Canada Post's Twitter and Instagram accounts by Klingons, two stamps featuring Commander Kor and a Klingon battle cruiser were released at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. [7] William Shatner was also presented with a framed copy of the Captain Kirk stamp. [8]

On 6 May 2016, reported that fans who donated $75 or more on the crowdfunding page for "COPD: Highly Illogical" would get a limited edition 12 x 16-inch print of the Spock stamp, autographed by Julie Nimoy. [9]

In 2017, five more stamps were released which depicted the franchise's primary starship captains and their greatest foes. Two more stamps featuring the shuttlecraft Galileo and a Borg cube were also retailed. [10]



On 5 May 2016, the following stamps were released in different denominations for the various Canadian postal rates.

  • Captain James T. Kirk – “P” (permanent domestic rate)
  • Commander Spock – “P” (permanent domestic rate), $2.50 (International letter rate)
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy – “P” (permanent domestic rate), $1.20 (U.S. letter rate)
  • Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott – “P” (permanent domestic rate), $1.80 (domestic non-standard/oversized letter rate)
  • Commander Kor – “P” (permanent domestic rate), $1.00 (domestic letter rate)
  • USS Enterprise – “P” (permanent domestic rate)
  • Klingon battle cruiser – “P” (permanent domestic rate)
  • Pane of 5 stamps consisting of James T. Kirk (“P” (permanent domestic rate)), Spock ($2.50), Leonard McCoy ($1.20), Montgomery Scott ($1.80), and Kor ($1.00) stamps. The pane consists of stamps issued in the various Canadian postal rates.
  • Booklet of 10 stamps consisting of two James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, and Kor stamps (“P” domestic rate)
  • Souvenir sheet of two stamps consisting of the USS Enterprise and the Klingon battle cruiser stamps.
  • Coil of 50 stamps consisting of 25 stamps of the USS Enterprise and Klingon battle cruiser in alternating order. The back of the coil contains famous quotes from the series.




The following collectibles were issued on 5 May 2016.

  • Limited Edition Framed Print signed by William Shatner. Print includes an enlargement of the Captain James T. Kirk commemorative stamp, an all-Kirk stamp souvenir sheet and an Official First Day Cover of the USS Enterprise commemorative stamp (limited to 1,100 framed prints).
  • The Original Series Stamp Booklet contains exclusive stamp souvenir sheets of all but the lenticular stamps issued for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The booklet uses actual images from the show and the CBS archives. Pages were designed around the key characters on the stamps. The bilingual booklet consists of 22 pages plus 4 souvenir stamp sheets.
  • Lenticular Stamps. Two lenticular stamps were issued in $5.00 denominations recreating the transporter effect as well as James T. Kirk and Spock jumping through the Guardian of Forever from "The City on the Edge of Forever". These stamps were available as a souvenir sheet with background information on the reverse side, a lenticular souvenir sheet enlargement (limited to 3,500 copies), and a lenticular uncut press sheet of 12 souvenir sheets (limited to 2,000 copies).
  • Official First Day Covers. Eight first day of issue special envelopes were issued for the seven domestic rate (“P”) stamps and the lenticular souvenir stamp sheet.
  • Postcards. Five postcards were issued featuring scenes from five episodes ("A Piece of the Action", "Amok Time", "Mirror, Mirror", "The City on the Edge of Forever", and "The Trouble with Tribbles").
  • Uncut Press Sheet consists of six souvenir sheets featuring the James T. Kirk (“P” (permanent domestic rate)), Spock ($2.50), Leonard McCoy ($1.20), Montgomery Scott ($1.80), and Kor ($1.00) stamps (limited to 10,000 copies stored in a rolled tube).
  • Limited Edition Framed Print consists of the pane of five stamps issued in the various postal rates in Canada with an exclusive gold metallic cancel in the outline of the Galileo shuttlecraft from Vulcan, Alberta (limited to 1,701 copies).
  • Stamp dispenser appears in the shape of a miniature Canada Post mailbox with the USS Enterprise, the Klingon battle cruiser, and the Star Trek 50th Anniversary logo on the back of the dispenser. This dispenser can contain a full coil roll of the USS Enterprise and Klingon battle cruiser stamps.
  • A bilingual "Boldly Go" Star Trek 50th Anniversary stamps and collectibles catalog was published by Canada Post and lists all the items issued in 2016.



Background infoEdit

In an interview with The Georgia Straight, William Shatner expressed his honor at being on one of the stamps:

"Confessing that he was floored by the honour, he says, 'I've just recently picked myself back up. Isn't it something?'

'I was collecting stamps when I was a kid—back with the founding fathers and Prime Minister Macdonald—but the possibility of collecting me never occurred to me.' He pauses, then laughs. 'I'm going to use that line again!'" [11]

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