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[[Battle of Deep Space Nine]]
[[Battle of Deep Space Nine]]
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Original Airdate:1997-06-16
Production Number:524
Story by:Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Directed by:Allan Kroeker

Sisko attempts to prevent more Dominion ships from entering the Alpha Quadrant by mining the wormhole; Gul Dukat responds by launching a massive assault fleet against the station. This episode featured the Battle of Deep Space 9 (Season Finale)



On Deep Space Nine, Rom and Leeta study a padd with images of various wedding dresses from Tellarite modern to Risian traditional, but have disliked all of them. Ziyal persuades them to let GarakCaptain Benjamin Sisko walking along the Promenade and approach him. O'Brien is telling Sisko that his wife and children have left for Earth, due to the dangers of being on the front line. Rom and Leeta ask Sisko to officiate at their wedding that is to be held in three weeks time, to which Sisko agrees. After they leave, Sisko and Miles O'Brienwormhole opens and several Dominion starships enter the Alpha Quadrant, on their way to Cardassian space. This is the fifth Dominion convoy to enter the Alpha Quadrant in as many weeks. Sisko predicts that an attack will happen soon.

Act One

Jake SiskoFederation News Service.

Meanwhile Jadzia Dax, Kira Nerys and Odo are in the cargo bay checking several crates. The crates hold several thousand wrappages of yamok sauce. Kira realises that Quark has smuggled them in, believing the Cardassians will soon retake the station. Odo asks what they want to do with it to which Kira makes no reply. Jadzia tells him to dump it. Jadzia asks her what is going on between her and Odo, to which Kira reveals that Odo has feelings for her and that she only found out about a month previously.

As Nog brings Sisko his morning beverage, he asks if the Romulan situation is true. Sisko has no idea what he is talking about and inquires further. Nog tells him that he was talking to several Orion free traders in Quark’s the previous night and they said they heard from a Vulcan diplomat that the Romulan Star Empire had signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion. Sisko tells Nog not to believe the rumours and to remember the one hundred and ninetieth Rule of Acquisition - Hear all; trust nothing. After Nog leaves Sisko contacts Dax and tells her to put him through to Starfleet Intelligence.

Later, in the wardroom Sisko reveals that the Romulans have indeed signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion, joining the Tholians and the Miradorn who have already done so. Sisko also reveals that Starfleet Command has decided no more Dominion ships can be allowed into the Alpha Quadrant. A minefield

Act Two

In Dax’s quarters, Jadzia, O’Brien and Rom are trying to come up with the best type of mine to deploy in the minefield. O'Brien suggests using pulse mines but the Dominion ships could simply wait at the mouth of the wormhole and destroy them. He then suggests cloaking them, but it would weaken the mines. Rom then realises that if the mines are to be small they will need a lot of power and a way to replace them. Each mine is to be equipped with a replicator unit and will swarm detonate, with at least twenty mines to home in on one ship. The main draw back is that the entire minefield will have to be deployed before it can be activated, or premature detonation could occur.

Sisko talks with Starfleet Command and relays their judgement to Kira and Worf that Starfleet’s forces are needed elsewhere and will be unable to assist in the deployment of the minefield. Their orders are to deploy the minefield and prepare for a Dominion attack. DS9 will also have to defend the USS Defiant as the starship will be alone while deploying the minefield.

Kira meets with Odo and agrees to his plan of stopping all outgoing communications. They also decide to put their personal feeling for each other aside until the crisis has abated.

File:Battle of DS9 3.jpg

The Defiant begins to deploy the mines but the Dominion become aware of it almost immediately. A Dominion ship arrives with Weyoun aboard. He leaves behind all of the pleasantness that he has always used before in his meeting with Sisko. Now he issues Sisko with an ultimatum- to remove the mines or the Dominion will take control of DS9 and remove them themselves.

Act Three

Sisko angrily tells Weyoun that the mines will stay and he will not allow any more ships through the wormhole. Weyoun then returns to his old ways- a mask of reasonableness and sincerity. Weyoun tells Sisko that it is the Cardassians who are pushing for the convoys, saying that they want the security that the Dominion brings. Weyoun then tells Sisko that he will limit the convoys to cargo ships, construction units and civilian aid.

Later Sisko tells his senior officers and General MartokBajoran Council of Ministers. Sisko tells her that the only way Bajor will survive the war will be to do what the Romulans did- and sign a nonaggression pact with the Dominion. He is convinced that by not doing so, the past five years of their work will be undone.

The Bajoran’s sign the pact and First Minister Shakaar orders all Bajorans to leave DS9 for their own safety. Kira arranges for Ziyal to stay with several of her friends. Later, Sisko marries Rom and Leeta in a traditional Bajoran ceremony. Rom then tells her to go to Bajor- and not look back.

File:The Triumvirate.JPG

Benjamin Sisko’s Program Sisko 197 is ready to be implemented. General Martok contacts the station with a report of a large Dominion fleet heading their way. However, his transmission is jammed by the Dominion and Dukat, Weyoun and Damar

Act Four

The Rotarran approaches DS9 and Sisko tells Martok to protect the Defiant. Worf then activates the weapons array. Kira arrives in Ops and protests Starfleet’s refusal to turn the station over to her government. Sisko notes her protest and Kira reports for duty.


The Dominion fleet approaches the station. On the flagship, Dukat tells Damar he has been waiting for this moment for five years. Damar tells him that the will reclaim Terok Nor and Bajor. Weyoun chastises them, reminding them of the nonaggression pact. The fleet enters weapons range and Dukat gives the order to fire.

The battle begins and DS9 manages to destroy several Dominion ships and several that were closing on the Defiant. Damar and Weyoun are surprised that the station’s shields are holding to which Dukat tells them he has found he wise never to underestimate the Federation’s technical skill and Captain Sisko’s resourcefulness.

File:Battle of DS9 1.jpg

Act Five

File:Battle of DS9 2.jpg

As the evacuation begins, Dax agrees to marry Worf when the war is over. Worf has been assigned to the Rotarran. Sisko addresses the station population who are remaining behind. He tells them that although the station has been lost, the attack on the station allowed the Federation and the Klingons to attack a Dominion shipyard on Torros III. He also tells them that no victory can make this moment any easier for him. He promises he will not rest until he stands with them again. Sisko is then transported to the Defiant. Garak is already aboard, as he would not be ‘welcome’ on the station. The Defiant and the Rotarran leave the station and cloak before they can be destroyed.

File:Battle of DS9 4.jpg

Kira and Odo arrive in Ops and transmit a message to the Dominion fleet, welcoming them to Deep Space Nine. Kira then activates Program Sisko 197, which disables the station. Quark, removing all aspects of the Federation’s presence, tells his staff to break out the kanar and find some yamok sauce. Rom reports for duty in his old job as Assistant Manager for Policy and Clientele. He is now a spy for Starfleet. As Rom starts work he finds Jake, sitting nearby. He has stayed behind to report on the Dominion occupation. He theorises that the Dominion will not harm him, the son of the Emissary, lest they alienate their new Bajoran allies.

File:Battle of DS9 5.jpg

The Dominion boards DS9 and Odo, Kira and Quark arrive to meet them. Weyoun tells Odo he is honoured that he remained behind. Dukat and Weyoun visit Ops and the station commander’s office where Sisko has removed all of his personal items, except one. As Dukat holds up Sisko’s baseball, Weyoun asks what it is. It’s a message. From Sisko…..He’s letting me know…he’ll be back.

File:A Federation and Klingon fleet.JPG

On the Defiant, Sisko sits in contemplation of the impending war that will sweep across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Defiant and the Rotarran decloak and move to join the large Federation and Klingon fleet. The Dominion War has begun…

Background Information

Referenced Ferengi Rules of Acquisition: #190

Memorable quotes

" thing's for certain. We're losing the peace. Which means a war could be our only hope."- Benjamin Sisko

"As I see it, you have two choices. Either remove the mines... or we will take this station from you... and remove them ourselves."- Weyoun

"Let me tell you a story. I once knew a Cardassian, a dashing, handsome young man with a promising career. And then one day, through no fault of his own, he found himself exiled and alone, with nowhere to turn. But did he give up? No. Instead he struck upon a brilliant plan. Rather than fleeing for the rest of his life, he sought shelter in the one place no one expected him to go. In a stronghold of his people's most hated enemies. There, surrounded by hostile strangers, he built a life. And there, against all odds, against the merciless logic of the Universe itself, he thrived."

"By becoming the greatest tailor in the galaxy." .
- Ziyal, Garak

"Captain Sisko. I don't suppose you'd like to surrender and avoid unnecessary bloodshed?" "

"Absolutely not."

"I was hoping you'd say that."
-Dukat, Sisko

"Just remember, Bashir is spelled with an 'I'."- Julian Bashir

"Captain, as a major in the Bajoran Militia, I must officially protest Starfleet's refusal to turn over this station to my government."

"Your protest is duly noted."

"Good. Now that that's out of the way... Kira Nerys reporting for duty."
-Kira Nerys, Benjamin Sisko

"I've been waiting for this moment for five years."- Dukat

"I've found it wise never to underestimate the Federation's technical skill or Captain Sisko's resourcefulness."- Dukat

"When I first took command of this post, all I wanted was to be somewhere else. Anywhere but here. But now, five years later, this station has become my home. And you've become my family. Leaving this place, leaving you, is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do... I promise, I will not rest until I stand with you again. Here. In this place. Where I belong."- Benjamin Sisko

(Dukat is holding Sisko's baseball)

"What is that?""

"A message. From Sisko."

"I don't understand."

"He's letting me know... he'll be back..."
-Weyoun and Dukat

Links and References

The final moments of this episode (from Damar's "the station's shields are holding" remark) is novelized in The Dominion War Book Two

Guest Stars


Battle of Deep Space Nine

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