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Flag of California

The Flag of California

California was a region on the North American continent of Earth. This was a state in the nation-state known as the United States of America. Starfleet Command, Starfleet Academy and other Starfleet buildings were located in California. The abbreviation for this state was CA.

The California Clipper, a Boeing 314 long-range flying plane of the World War II era, was named after this state. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

The flag of California was occasionally displayed alongside other flags at official Starfleet functions that take place in California, such as a hearing called for James T. Kirk. (Star Trek)

In an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany had invaded the United States, as of 1944 California was controlled by American forces. (ENT: "Storm Front", "Storm Front, Part II")

California is named on a map of the United States (Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika).


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