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Calder II

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Calder II
Calder II.jpg

Calder II from orbit

Type: Planet
Location: Calder system
Near the Romulan Neutral Zone
Affiliation: Federation

Calder II was the second planet in the Calder planetary system. This planet was located in the same sector as Barradas III, Yadalla Prime, and Draken IV. This sector was located near the Romulan Neutral Zone. This planet was the location of ancient Sakethan burial mounds, a site that was associated with ancient Debrune artifacts.

By 2370, Calder II was the location of a small Federation science station and outpost with limited defensive capabilities. The outpost and the ruins were protected by a type-four deflector shield and the station was defended by a minimum of two phaser banks.

Picard (as Galen) claimed to have attempted to smuggle a Sakethan glyph stone out of there in 2369. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (pgs. 45,66), the Calder system was located in the Beta Quadrant. This system was a binary star system. Primary was a Class F star with a magnitude of +3, which was ten times the brightness of Sol. Two thousand years ago, this system was a destination on the Debrune trade route. In the mid-22nd century, this system was in or near Romulan space. After 2160, this system was in or near Federation space.

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