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The Calamarain were intelligent, non-corporeal lifeforms that exist as swirls of ionized gas. They were once tormented by Q, who insisted that he did nothing "bizarre" or "grotesque" to them. The Calamarain communicated with high-pitched noises and grindings. They emitted Berthold rays when probing something.

When Q lost his powers in 2366 and was exiled to the USS Enterprise-D to live as a Human, the Calamarain sensed the chance for revenge and attacked Q and the Enterprise. To save the ship, Q took a shuttle to divert the Calamarain's attention away; this noble deed convinced the Q Continuum to restore his powers. Q immediately attempted to exact retribution against the Calamarain, but Q2 forced Q to let the Calamarain go without harm. (TNG: "Deja Q")

In the novel The Q Continuum, it is revealed that the Calamarain communicate through a sequence of tachyon emissions, which are translated by Data and Deanna Troi. Millennia ago, they were known as the Coulalakritous, but changed their name, perhaps as a result of their profoundly negative experiences with 0: a Q-like being who attempted to use them as his personal transport due his lacking the ability to travel faster-than-light. Their hostility towards Q is due to Q accompanying 0 at that time, having come to regard 0 as a kind of "mentor".
However, at the end of the novel, thanks to the pleas of Jean-Luc Picard (and the sacrifice of the USS Enterprise-E's security chief to save them from being compressed into a ball of ice by 0), the Calamarain, if not explicitly forgiving of Q, acknowledged that 0 was the greater threat and merged with Q, combining two infinite powers to become more than infinite and giving Q the power to vanquish the insane 0 before the two split once more.

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