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A combat information center (CIC) was an auxiliary control area on military starships and facilities used to direct combat operations.

In an alternate timeline, the USS Enterprise-D had a CIC while fighting large-scale military conflicts with the Klingons. When the Enterprise-D encountered the USS Enterprise-C near a temporal rift in 2366, Ensign Thomas was paged over the ship's intercom to report to the CIC. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

It's unknown if in the more peaceful, "regular", timeline the Enterprise-D had such a combat info center. It's possible this area was related to the regular timeline's battle bridge.
A combat information center is a real concept used by the US Navy. Unlike Starfleet vessels, the modern Navy rarely staffs both the captain and executive officer on the bridge simultaneously, for reasons of safety for the chain of command. One officer usually mans a post at the alternate location of the CIC.

Starfleet officers Daviomeisi and Balter were assigned to the Combat Information Center on Earth in 2372. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

Daviomeisi and Balter appeared on a personnel assignment log Admiral Leyton was viewing.

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