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This is a list of cards from The First Anthology, a series of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game: First Edition from Decipher.

The First Anthology was released in June 1997. The six new cards were released with a set of cards from previous expansions: two sixty-card starter sets and two fifteen-card packs from the Premiere Edition, two fifteen-card packs from the Alternate Universe and the Q-Continuum expansions, as well as a complete set of the Warp Pack expansion. This is also the first expansion to include cards from series other than The Next Generation.

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Type and AffiliationTitleRarity
Artifact Orb of Prophecy and Change Preview
Personnel - Cardassian/Non-Aligned Garak Preview
Personnel - Federation Ensign Tuvok Preview
Personnel - Klingon/Ferengi Quark, Son of Keldar Preview
Personnel - Non-Aligned Thomas Paris Preview
Personnel - Romulan Dr. Telek R'Mor Preview