Bzzit Khaht onscreen

The Bzzit Khaht as it appeared on screen

The Bzzit Khaht were a sentient species, whose homeworld was a member of the United Federation of Planets by the late 23rd century.

A councilor of this race was present in the Federation Council in 2286, laying witness to the Klingon Ambassador Kamarag's demands for James T. Kirk's death. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

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A Bzzit Khaht

The name of this species comes from FASA's Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update. While strictly a non-canon source, it is the only widely recognized source for names of most of the Star Trek IV aliens. This same source also specifies the Bzzit Khaht's homeworld as Althos IV.

The Bzzit Khaht representative was sitting in the back row on the left podium (left when looking from the entrance towards the viewscreen), close to the viewscreen.

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