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Bruce Mercury is an actor and filmmaker who appeared as a Deadwood gambler in the Star Trek: The Next Generation sixth season episode "A Fistful of Datas" in 1992. He received no credit for this appearance.

Before moving into acting, Mercury worked as sound mixer on live concerts, nightclub owner, and concert promoter. Beside acting and filmmaking he is also managing the transportation company Mercury Transportation which supplied musicians and film projects with trailers and motor homes.

Beside his work on Star Trek, Mercury had background and supporting parts in the fantasy adventure Hook (1991, with Jeff Bornstein, Gary Epper, Scott Leva, Nick Tate, and Cameron Thor), the horror film Hellroller (1992), the short comedy The Pitch (1993, with Richard Tanner), in several episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, the independent film Bikini Witness (1995), the action film Hard Justice (1995, with Charles Napier and Benita Andre), the science fiction film Final Equinox (1995, with David Warner and Gary Kasper), the comedy Lucky Angel (1996, with Heinrich James), the action drama Subterfuge (1996, with Matt McColm), the independent film Deus Volt (1997), the drama Laws of Deception (1997, with Robert Miano), the drama True Friends (1998, with Bertila Damas, Michelle Bonilla, Al Foster, and Kevin Grevioux), the comedy Eating L.A. (1999), the thriller Wasteland Justice (1999), the comedy Rubbernecking (2000, with Corbin Bernsen, Jennifer Lien, and Debra Wilson), the science fiction film Savage Season (2001), and the independent film Jumper (2002).

In 2007 Mercury and his fiancée Tiger Lily Jones realeased the action adventure Band of Pirates: Buccaneer Island with their production company Mercury/Hula Babe Productions on which he worked as director, writer, main actor, and producer. [1] Mercury also worked as writer, director, producer and editor on several documentaries such as Waterfalls of Kauai (2000), Kauai: Island of Beauty (2006), Waterfalls of Hawaii (2007), Waterfalls of Maui (2008), The Waterfall Hunter (2008), Maui: Island of Enchantment (2010), and Kauai: Island of Beauty 2 (2013). For Waterfalls of Hawaii, Mercury and Jones received three Awards of Distinction at the 2007 Videographer Awards.

More recent acting credits include the crime thriller Hollywood Confidential (2008), the western Yellow Rock (2011, with Clay Wilcox and Joseph Billingiere), and the drama Road to Juarez (2013, stunt coordinated by Lou Simon and Cole S. McKay).

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