The android duplicate Doctor Brown, was created from the body of, and contained the consciousness of, the 23rd century Federation scientist. This android was created around 2261 by Dr. Roger Korby and Ruk from the records and machinary he found left behind on the planet Exo III by the planet's past inhabitants.

Brown was sent to retrieve the USS Enterprise landing party, consisting of James T. Kirk, and an old acquaintance, Christine Chapel, in the underground ruins after they had beamed down to Exo III in 2266. As soon as Brown was discovered, the sound of Mathews falling to his death was heard, prompting them three to return to Mathews last known location. Though "Brown" was aware of the true nature of Mathews death, murder by Ruk, he urged Kirk and Chapel to be careful as they peered into the bottomless pit, informing them that he must have slipped and that there was no hope for his recovery.

Following the accident, "Brown"'s callous response, combined with his somewhat indifferent response to seeing his old friend Chapel, Chapel felt "Brown"'s reaction to seeing her was less than she expected. When Kirk noted this, she attributed it to five years spent in the dark ruins of Exo III.

As "Brown" escorted Kirk and Chapel to the he explained some of the basic aspects of what Korby had discovered on Exo III. Once they arrived and he introduced them to Korby, Korby required that Kirk not communicate with his ship, leading "Brown" to pull a phaser to threaten Kirk. During the brief standoff that followed, "Brown" was shot at close range by Kirk, damaging him enough to render him inert.

After it was revealed that like "Brown," Ruk too was an android, it explained that it was "more complex than 'Brown'; much superior." (TOS: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?")

Dr. Brown was portrayed by Harry Basch.
In the script of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", the android version of Brown was described as "a rather ordinary looking man, mid-forties." In an ultimately unused line of dialogue, the Human Brown was said to have been dying when Dr. Korby created the android copy of him. [1] The Star Trek Concordance described him as being "of slight build, middle-aged, balding." (p. 136)
A new Brown android made an appearance in the Pocket Books novel Double, Double. The android identified himself as Dr. Aaron Brown.

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