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Brone was a Vori soldier who was involved in attempting to indoctrinate Chakotay into the Vori army by instilling in him a fanatical hatred of the Kradin. To this end, the Vori used drugs and placed Chakotay in a controlled "simulation" to convince him that he had witnessed Kradin atrocities. In this simulation, Brone was a team leader in the Fourth Defense Contingent trying to defend Vori civilians from the Kradin.

Since Brone fought alongside Chakotay after the latter had "graduated" from the Vori training simulation, he was apparently a "real" person in that simulation--possibly the only one except Chakotay.

One indoctrination tactic that the Vori subjected Chakotay to was to make him believe that he had seen a Vori village attacked by the Kradin, who then committed atrocities against its inhabitants. Afterwards, Brone pretended to rescue Chakotay, in the process completing Chakotay's indoctrination.

Chakotay was ultimately rescued by Tuvok, who explained that the Vori commonly use this technique to indoctrinate not not only aliens, but their own people as well. (VOY: "Nemesis")

Brone was played by Michael Mahonen.

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