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Brok'tan, on the Barge of the Dead.

Brok'tan was a Klingon who did not believe that Gre'thor existed. Upon his death, his soul was on its way to Gre'thor. En route he befriended B'Elanna Torres who was on the Barge of the Dead. He explained to her where she was. When she said that she remembered being on USS Voyager and that a Klingon had killed her friends, Brok'tan explained that what she experienced was the "naj," or "the dream before dying." He stopped her from being tempted by false voices of her friends that scream for help that lure Klingons to jump from the ship into the murky waters, where they are attacked and eaten by sea creatures. He tells her that "there are things here worse than death." (VOY: "Barge of the Dead")

Brok'tan was played by John Kenton Shull.

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