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Danilo Odell, leader of the Bringloidi

The Bringloidi were a group of Humans who settled on the planet Bringloid V in the Ficus sector sometime in the early 22nd century, after departing Earth aboard the SS Mariposa.

The Bringloidi were a group of primarily Irish descent, who left Earth as part of the Neo-Transcendentalist movement that followed World War III and First Contact. Despite their rejection of technology, the colony prospered due to the Bringloidi's use of traditional techniques for providing their own textiles and food.

In 2365, the Bringloidi, led by Danilo Odell, were forced to evacuate aboard the USS Enterprise-D due to increased solar flare activity in their star system. At Captain Jean-Luc Picard's suggestion, they eventually merged with the clone-based society of the Mariposans, also descended from those on the Mariposa. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")


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