The Bringloid V colony was an Earth colony located on Bringloid V in the Bringloid system, Ficus sector. It was founded by Human Neo-Transcendentalists, who traveled on the SS Mariposa from Earth in the 22nd century. It was the sister colony of the nearby Mariposa colony whose inhabitants also traveled on the Mariposa.

At least part of the colony existed underground, in caverns. The population of the colony grew to 223 with two other unborn by 2365.

Due to the status of Earth's government in the early 22nd century, the SS Mariposa, the Mariposa colony and Bringloid V colony were forgotten and there were no attempts made at communication.

In 2365, the primary star Bringloid entered a period of severe flare activity. This triggered a monitoring satellite to send a distress call which was picked up by Starfleet. The USS Enterprise-D came and relocated the Bringloidi to the Mariposa colony. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")