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Here lies Kieran Duffy (2332-2376). He died so others would live.

While the da Vinci undergoes repairs after the Galvan VI incident, the crew return to their homes to reconcile relationships with their families.

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From the book jacket
After the catastrophic events of Wildfire, the SCE crew of the USS da Vinci is in disarray. Half of the ship's complement were killed at Galvan VI, and the survivors must put their lives back together. Corsi, accompanied by Stevens, tries to make amends with her long-estranged father. Abramowitz attempts to lose herself in her work, only to be confronted with an old rival – and her own emotional fears. P8 Blue goes home to find her world confronting a crisis that threatens the Nasat's very existence.
But it is Captain Gold and Commander Gomez who face the most difficult trials, as they find the road to recovery a difficult one. Each confronts demons from the past and the uncertainty of the future, leading to a bitter confrontation from which neither may ever truly recover…

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Stories Edit

  1. Home Fires by Kevin Dilmore & Dayton Ward
  2. Age of Unreason by Scott Ciencin
  3. Balance of Nature by Heather Jarman
  4. Breakdowns by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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  • These stories are the SCE equivalent of Star Trek's "Home" and "Family", as they show the crew finding themselves after a destructive battle.
  • This is the last SCE omnibus to be released under that banner. The next volume switched to the Corps of Engineers banner.

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