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Brazil Fabrication & Design, named for the Los Angels street it was located at [1], was a relatively short-lived visual effects company, specialized in constructing filming miniatures, and was founded and operated by Tony Meininger. Superseding Gregory Jein, Inc. as primary studio model vendor, the company built the miniatures, that were designed by Star Trek's production staff for the first seasons of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager television series, most notably the hero models of both series.

It appeared the company was only in operation during the production of these two series, and then only until 1995-1996 (Deep Space Nine's fourth and Voyager's third season). Though CGI was increasingly replacing physical studio models at that point in time, occasionally the need for them was perceived afterwards, which were then provided by long-time Star Trek vendor Gregory Jein or an occasional outside contractor, such as Don Pennington in the case of the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser model.

The company's only other recorded credit is as additional model supplier for the blockbuster movie Titanic (1997).

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