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Brandeis-Bardin Institute

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Brandeis-Bardin as Camp Khitomer

Brandeis-Bardin Institute

Brandeis-Bardin as the Borg compound in "Descent, Part II".

The Brandeis-Bardin Institute, now called the Brandeis-Bardin Campus at American Jewish University, is a religious retreat in the hills above Simi Valley in Southern California.

The distinctive and futuristic architecture of their "House of the Book" building has been used several times in Star Trek productions, usually modified with a matte painting. It first appeared as Camp Khitomer in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, although the foreground walkway and fountains were shot by Industrial Light & Magic at the Fireman's Fund Building in Novato, Northern California. It later appeared as Lore's Borg compound in the Star Trek: The Next Generation sixth and seventh season episodes "Descent" and "Descent, Part II" in 1993.

The House of the Book can also be seen in various other productions, including Lawnmower Man, the first five seasons of Power Rangers, and the music video for the Marilyn Manson song "The Dope Show".

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